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MP3 -"Not-For-Profit Life"

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Tune-Smith isn't a band. It's the result of the dedicated efforts of one individual striving not to create new versions of the same-old-stuff. That individual is me....Tom Hoffman. Welcome to the site! 

In addition to being a musician & songwriter, I'm a student of human nature. People and everyday life experiences supply more than enough inspiration for writing. There are still plenty of new and interesting ways to approach that subject matter. Writing shouldn't be about trying to sound just like everyone else! With that in mind,   I strive for a good blend of original and somewhat familiar. In other words, I want my songs to sound fresh & different, but not so unique that you the listener can't relate.

Several of my tunes have recieved recognition in international writing contests. I've been a finalist, a semi finalist, a runner-up,       a suggested artist and gotten numerous honorable mentions.      
For a detailed breakdown, click here awards & recognitions.

I appreciate your visit to my site. Please feel free to let me know what you think. After all, your opinion is the one that counts!             I load new songs onto the site frequently, so please visit again.     By the way, if you're interested in downloading songs from this site for your personal music library, you have my permission to  do so. However, this permission does not extend to any type of commercial use. Please contact me personally to secure the legal rights for any commercial applications. To save a song to your computer, simply right click your mouse on the desired mp3 link, choose the "save target as" option from the drop down menu and save the song file to your system.


MP3 - "Don't Lie To Yourself"

MP3 - "Love Will Find Me"

MP3 - "Slow Down"

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"Bottom Feeders"

MP3-"Dorian Dilemma"


MP3 - "I Hope To Be"

MP3 - "Someday"

MP3 - "Pentatonic Playground"

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"Charlie Droste Musical Memoriam" YOUTUBE



MP3-"I've Learned To  Love The Rain"


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